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Keeping the pipeline full, but not overflowing!

As all other freelancers, translators struggle with varying workloads – either we have too much work or no work at all. But the past few weeks have been very busy for me – almost too busy!

Besides dealing with varying workloads, we also work on documents of dramatically different lengths as well as on very diverse topics. Last week, for example, I had one major assignment (and some minor ones) ­– an extensive HR questionnaire survey for a sales business client ­– that took up most of my week (and weekend).

Today, I had a number of minor assignments. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at my to-do list just before. It really reflects the diversity of topics and text types:

·        Translation of software strings for a software firm

·        Translation of a product description for a cosmetics firm

·        Translation of an update for a financial management system

·        Proofreading a CV for a private individual

·        Translation of a CSR strategy for an accounting firm

·        Translation of a business case for another accounting firm

·        Translation of a job application for a private individual

·        Composing a short website text for a beauty shop

I think I’m going to pat myself on the shoulder and take the rest of the day off! I’m even going to take a small break tomorrow and go to a conference on good writing. Hope to see some of you there!

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