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Passion for language

"From the very start of our project, it was obvious how much Barbara cares about her work. The positive feedback we've received on her translations reflects her expertise as a translator and her passion for language – in addition to that, her friendly, proactive approach made it a real pleasure to work with her." I would suggest you put "Nicky Müller, Product Localization Manager" so it's clear it was a Product-related project as opposed to the website for example. Just a suggestion though.


Translations of press releases and blog posts

Incendium A/S uses I-Say for translations of press releases and blog posts. As we have clients in many different countries, we need a translator who can handle the whole task, and in whom we can have confidence – but also a translator who can come up with proposals for changes to the texts and is able to make them sharper and more relevant in the specific language into which they are translated.


Very flexible

We have been working with Barbara for several years now and it is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with her. Always kind and efficient, she proved very flexible in following us into agility and meeting our tight timescales. Deliveries are always on time and content and file formats handled impeccably.


Professional in her approach

I have chosen to collaborate with iSay because Barbara is always extremely professional in her approach to the task in question, and completely straightforward and pleasant in dialogue. We “found” each other on LinkedIn and began our partnership with a translation of our corporate website from English to Danish: a major task in terms of technical terms and shop talk from an industry that was completely new to Barbara. Barbara then translated some post-corona brochures, which in turn offered new technical terms of which she quickly gained a good understanding, providing top-notch translations. It was important to me that we did not just receive a translation, but a text that had been refined into correct, easy-to-understand Danish with the right professional and technical expressions. Barbara and I quickly set up some frameworks within which she could move freely, and after that things went exactly as I had wished – in fact, much better. Barbara values aesthetics, including beautiful language, and has really understood how to get to know the world of Diversey with its technical terms and expressions. In that way, she has added great value to our website. I will choose Barbara for my next assignments, and can warmly recommend a partnership with her.


Very happy with her work

We have been working with Barbara since 2018 to be able to offer our product suite to Danish-speaking customers and are very happy with her work. She is an excellent translator who consistently provides high quality translations. Barbara is a professional and reliable linguist, a great communicator and also a pleasure to work with. We really appreciate her flexibility when we sometime have needs on a short notice and that we can rely on her Danish expertise.


Texts tailored to the target audience

BOGL uses iSay to translate website texts and case descriptions, amongst other things. It was also iSay who translated the texts for the launch of our new Norwegian website. We are very satisfied with both the co-operation and the quality iSay provides. We appreciate that we don’t just receive word-for-word translations, but texts tailored to the target audience. We also appreciate our ongoing dialogue and discussions on concepts, words and phrases, which is necessary due to the large number of technical terms that appear in our texts. We get the same translator every time, and in addition to facilitating the collaboration, we find that this provides good security.


Smooth and well-functioning

We have used iSay for translations from Swedish to Danish. Our partnership has been very smooth and well-functioning. We have been able to deliver texts with a short deadline and get translations back in a high quality.

Lundgaard & Tranberg

High-quality translations on time

I can warmly recommend I-Say, with whom I have collaborated several times. Barbara is skilled, delivers high-quality translations on time, and is cheerful and comfortable to work with.

Herskind Communications

Professionalism and flexibility

We greatly appreciate Barbara’s professionalism and flexibility when we need translation and proofreading. Our tasks are often urgent, and Barbara has always been able to meet our needs and our tight deadlines, without compromising on the high quality of the language.

Get Visual

We are extremely happy

Barberians has used iSay for proofreading and English translation. We are extremely happy with the help we have received with, for example, the texts for our new SØN series, where we have found that we could also refresh our “school English” on the basis of the corrections and feedback.

Copenhagen Care Brands

Hard-working, qualified and motivated

It is my pleasure to provide this reference on behalf of Ms. Barbara Østergaard. Ms. Østergaard has been employed by AESOP as a freelance translator. The scope of her work includes translating Marketing articles from English into Danish as well as translating our website copy. Ms. Østergaard is a very hard-working, qualified and motivated professional. The accuracy of her translations and the ability to work under deadline pressure deserve a special mentioning. I would also like to remark on Ms. Østergaard excellent relations with our Danish Reviewer and myself. I can without hesitation recommend Ms. Østergaard for any translating job or any position that requires in-depth knowledge of English and Danish.


High-quality translating

I have worked with Barbara in connection both with a proofreading of my webpage and a number of translations of legal documents. Barbara's work was excellent and it was delivered expediently and I will highly recommend using Barbara for high-quality translating and/or proofreading work.

Anja Staugaard

High quality translations

We've been working with Barbara for a while now and I'm happy to say she adds great value to our English>Danish translations. She's very responsive and willing to help us at any time. I believe anyone would be lucky to have her in their team as she always delivers high quality translations in time.

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