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Language Consultant

Language advice and fine-tuning

Many companies have either cut back on or entirely dropped their internal language functions. But language and linguistic quality (or the lack of it) can quickly become a financial liability unless you have a language expert on your side.

Language is vital in all contexts – but especially for companies who need to look professional in both domestic and international markets. Your language says a lot about who you are – it’s an important part of your identity and the way the outside world sees you. So you should make sure that your employees speak a common language and show the right outward “face” to customers and other target groups.

A language consultant can help you to create a uniform communication profile and boost your language efficiency, which will have a noticeable effect on your bottom line.

A language consultant can for example help you by:

  • Providing you with help and advice when you are choosing a translation provider, or in the transition to a new corporate language.
  • Assisting you to develop a linguistic structure in the form of a language concept or language strategy.
  • Mapping language skills and the need for upgrading when you need to decide on a new corporate language.
  • Developing language guidelines, a language guide or language tools that will secure a consistent language profile across your organisation.

There can be many different needs – but irrespective of what your needs may be, a language consultant can provide valuable insights and tools that will have a noticeable positive effect on your company’s language and bottom line. Call us at +45 2277 4438 for a non-binding chat about your needs, or click on the button below: